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to be Different
LEVACHEM recognizes there are significant opportunities within our businesses to create even more value for our customers, our suppliers and our shareholders. We will focus on five priority areas and emphasize the importance of getting the basic right - first time, every time.
■ Value-added customer services
Improving customer service is our highest priority. We want our customers to experience our people as knowledgeable, proactive, friendly and able to meet their needs. This will be achieved by:
→ Arranging pre-shipment QC - Quality guarantee for all products we supply to our customers.
For this purpose we have established our own QC house in our city with most of ordinary testing equipments like HPLC, GC, MS, ICP, PMT, etc.
→ Plan Frequent audit to our related factories - Protecting our customer maximum benefits.
In a rapidly changing business environment, more factories probably will change the process improvements and products range modifications more frequently than before, our frequent factory audits will make us and our clients follow the factories' updated changes in shortest time to protect our customers' benefits in extreme limits.
→ Search/ fix the custom manufacturers by providing green chemistry solution - Saving our customers' production costs.
Our widest relations with various Chinese chemical/ pharmaceutical plants and deep knowledge about them make sure that we can recognize those most suitable factories who can satisfy our oversea customer's maximum special and strict requests.
Our related factories' multifunctional facilities can run following reactions as per different clients' different requirements, such as Acetoacetylation, Acotylation, Amination, Alkylation, Carbonylation, Chlorosulfonation, Coupling, Diazotization, Eserification, Etherification, Freidel-Crafts Reactions, Hydrolysis, Hydroxylation, Halogenation, Nitration, Oxidation, Sulfonation, Reduction, Ring Closure
→ Improving customer Engagement
→ Providing Value-for-money products and serves.
Sourcing business strength
We want to be regarded as the best business partner of choice. To enhance our position in the market, we are:
→ simplifying policies and procedures
→ investing in technology solutions
→ expanding our business footprint by extending services and refining the sales model to ensure it meets evolving customer needs.
■ Technology and operational excellence
We need to make the best use of our technology resources so our people and customers are supported by best practice technologies and processes, now and in the future. To ensure we do this, we are:
→ leveraging technology capabilities and expertise to revitalise systems and processes
→ implementing smarter sourcing
→ continuing to develop lean and efficient processes
■ Trust and Team Spirit
Trust and team spirit focuses on achieving a culture of teamwork and collaboration where our people feel engaged, passionate and valued. This will be realized by:
→ our continual investment in talent management and rotation programs
→ our continual investment in talent management and rotation programs
→ our focus on the wellbeing and safety of our people
→ our ability to build our people's pride in LEVACHEM through enhancing company culture.
■ Profitable growth
To achieve steady profitable growth in order to strengthen the confidence of our shareholders, we .
→ continuing our focus on customer needs
→ increasing our cross-sell potential
→ offering customers the full range of our products and services


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